About Us & The Work


It all started when…

We began to see more & more clients, students, close friends and family who have experienced/are experiencing anxiety, stress & depression.

When they reached out for help, the answer, often times was medication with no other practical resources offered. Let it be said there is a place for medication, talk therapy AND there is also a place for body • mind alternatives to complement or even take the place of medication.

Calm Body • Calm Mind

offers a series of tools for identifying whether you have an anxious body or a anxious mind or both. And the “prescriptions” simple strategies/practices to build breath & body centred exercises that will bring you into either a calm body, calm mind or both. The kind of strategies that make a difference and build internal resilience.

Many of these strategies arise from ancient practices brought into a modern context. Many now peer reviewed and evidence based.

Each of the tools offered creates an easy simple pathway to get it together when you feel like you are spinning out of control or facing a stressful situation.

You will learn how to regain mind::body balance & internal alignment, so that you are not “drowning in emotion/anxiety”

Calm Body • Calm Mind is a resource website particularly oriented towards people who want to cultivate emotional resilience & wellbeing. Its also a platform for workshops, interviews and ground breaking research.

Created by yoga studio owner Carol Neilson her scariest big dream is to train enough Calm Body • Calm Mind facilitator/coaches to be in schools, workplaces, families, in enough places to create a tipping point.

Just so you know … She is trained in neuroscience, yoga, trauma sensitive yoga, mNLP, mindfulness & coaching. This embodied knowledge & experience informs her classes, workshops & retreats.

She is also joined by Don Johnson, Neuroscience trainer & facilitator, mNLP & creator of Red Zone Safety. Together they are creating workshops where people learn the “how” of self management in a fast paced, changing world.

We are always looking for contributors, subject matter experts .. as well as people willing to be interviewed about their experiences. Please email Carol

When you come to a class, workshop or retreat

Expect to understand the neuroscience of what is happening physically, various breath techniques, know which part of your brain is running the show, mind•body strategies, yoga style "prescriptions" where indicated, including, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, & trauma sensitive style yoga.

Also you will have access to mindfulness, interviews, mp3's, latest research & guest facilitators on the website.