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Calm Body • Calm Mind - A Workshop For Anxious Times - Nelson

  • Carol Neilson Equilibrium Nelson New Zealand (map)

Included in this workshop are simple strategies/practices to build breath & body centred exercises that will CALM your BODY & CALM your MIND. The kind of strategies that make a difference and build internal resilience.  This is evidence based knowledge combined with ancient practices brought into modern context.

Each of the tools offered creates an easy simple pathway to get it together when you feel like you are spinning out of control or facing a stressful situation.

You will learn how to regain mind::body balance & internal alignment, so that you are not “drowning in emotion/anxiety” 

You will walk away with simple & sincere ways that will make a difference. And potentially a belief that you’ve “got this handled” Confident that you know what your body/mind needs in that given moment & how to activate it. This workshop is “the how” to navigate aspects of your internal world.

The workshop is a combination of leading edge neuroscience, yoga & breath brought together to create a toolbox of practical tools for living life, your way.  it is also a taster for the upcoming Calm Body & Calm Mind series

Carol Neilson is your facilitator. Studio owner of YinYoga Napier. Carol is an innovator in personal development – bridging yoga, mindfulness, energy medicine and neuroscience. She is joined by Don Johnson - Neuroscience trainer & coach

This particular workshop is informed by their passion, knowledge & training in the neuroscience of anxiety & depression as well as trauma informed yoga. Their desire is to teach people how to access a wiser more compassionate way of alleviating suffering within their body & mind. That the notion of Calm Body & Calm Mind arises from a vision of “what if being kind to yourself can make a difference”

Her body of work includes reference to Bessel Van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Grant Soosolu, Bo Forbes, Hala Khouri, & Kyra Haglund,