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Deepening - a yin yoga practice & meditation

  • Carol neilson 35 Hastings Street Napier New Zealand (map)

This 90 minute class takes you deeper into a yin & meditation practice. Where the asana truly becomes a gateway into self. Where you are able to inquire in a real way “How Am I” then cross a threshold to find the answer within. Each breath you take might illuminate or smooth the way as you explore the realms of your knowing & unknowing. If you are willing to allow yourself to feel a little lost then your journey might become adventurous. You might cultivate the energy of sacred warrior-ship as you master unknown spaces, face shadows and emerge whole into the light of your being. Along the way of your practice you might gather miracles, transition through a challenging moment & initiate grounded energy for setting your destiny. Who knows, anything is possible.

Your guide is Carol Neilson.

Kind words said about Carol & her guiding

“You are like a no BS mother earth angel, your guidance through yin is gentle but not unchallenging”

“Yin yoga is time to not be in the “world” … just to be, breathe learn & heal”

“Your yin yoga classes are sooooo good”

Deepening - a yin yoga practice & meditation
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