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Rest & Restore for Women - restoring quiet power

Imagine coming into your own authority. Within your own body, the right to live and breathe through the vessel of your body. This is your divine right. It matters not the shape, nor the life you have lived. What matters is you, and how you choose to inhabit all spaces of your being.

This particular Rest & Restore workshop is for women who just want to rest within, to restore the divine feminine codes of their being. It might be that you are a mother, always at the call of the family, it might be you are in the shades of leaving behind your fertile years, or have crossed into your wisdom years. It may be you are leaving home each day ready for battle, to assert yourself within the context of the role you are in. It matters not where you walk from. You are welcomed to this workshop, designed just for you.

You can expect

A fusion of restorative yoga, womb meditation, journal writing {optional} & reiki

Expect a sense of your divinity to emerge as the hours go by. To welcome yourself back within the arms of your true self. The self that cloaked & hid from the world. Expect to soothe the restless murmurings of your mind with breath. To float along the warm stream of your own quiet power.

Expect that you will deeply rest upon Papatuanuku, be held by Divine Alchemist Carol Neilson & Reiki Master & Healer Jo Amyes as they hold space for you to be.

This is a gentle awakening of your spirit, a soft invitation to your soul to unfurl from its hiding place.

We expect magic to happen, might you?